Facilities & Alliances

The new building on campus will be one of the best media facilities in the state. It will contain state-of the art hardware and software, and will utilize them to create at least one supercomputer within the facility, working together with the Beowulff PC cluster project that is now housed and in development at The Learning Center, MCC.

The Maui High Performance Computing Center houses one of the most powerful computers in the world and has a unique charter for use in education and community development. The tasks that supercomputing are designed to best support are the two computational tasks most central to this program: simulation and rendering complex animation sequences.

Using both supercomputing resources for these tasks will regularly reduce the time it takes to run a simulation or create a rendered animation from days to minutes.

These resources are highly unique and attractive, will make the college a magnet for students and faculty, and help establish the program as a world-class learning environment.

Pilot Project:ICS 261 - Intermediate Computer Graphics / Hawaiian Studies, Fall 2000 Click here to see more: This fall semester, 2000, faculty, staff and students from MCC and the Hawaiian Hiostorical Society are collaborating on developing aproject where 3D models and animations of ancient Hawaiian Artifacts will be viewed together with text on the Internet.

Pilot Project: MCC ICS 261 students are providing 3D elements for the title sequence of "On Maui", a community television series being produced by MCC. "On Maui" will be aired once a month during a three year period.

Pilot Project: MCC together with MHPCC is embarking on one or more community focused projects, such as simulations showing what can happen when hazardous waste is handled wrongly, for proof of concept to test connectivity between the Kahului college campus and the Kihei computing center facilities.

Pilot Project: On-campus3D computer grapics rendering tests will also be conducted to invesigate network and software compatability with the Beowulff PC cluster housed at The Learning Center.

Pilot Project: MCC students are presently working with the County of Maui Planning Department, and will create 3D visual presentations in the planning and analysis stages for the Wailuku Market Street Landscape Design and Beautification Project.