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Hawaiian Artifacts - Jesse Conboy

Collaboration between ICS 261 Intermediate Computer Graphics and Hawaiian Studies, Fall 2000

Fish Hook

Carved out of single pieces of dog, human, or whale bone, these small to medium sized hooks were crafted with multiple "barbs" to quickly snag the hunted fish, while preventing an easy escape.

Bait Container

Known as "ipu le'i," containers such as these came in two types; one made of a wooden bowl and a gourd cover (not shown) and another made of two seperate gourds. A small net covering the larger gourd base and fixed to holes in the smaller gourd cover was used to fasten the two pieces together.

Bait Mortar

Small stone mortars (made of visicular basalt, reef rock, or close grained basalt) such as these were commonly combined with small wooden pestles for use in the pounding, grinding, and mixing of squid ink bait and other substances.

Plummet Sinker

A specialized Hawaiian type of sinker, these instruments made their place among the Hawaiian fisherman's arsenal by carrying fishing lines into the depths of the pacific.


Possible future projects may include:
Agricultural tools of ancient Hawaii.
Implemetations of warfare.
Arts and crafts of Hawaian culture.
and many, many more to come . . .