Community / Program Goals

With new facilities being constructed and with the planned New Media resources to be installed on campus, MCC has the opportunity to create long-term projects, both local and statewide, which can contribute to the prosperity of Maui.

Project examples:

     Joint research project with the Maui Ocean Center and other marine organizations that produces models and other learning materials in oceanography.

     Joint project with the state library system to build spatial and audio user-interface for Hawaii and other states.

     Projects with social service organizations to build models and virtual realities or to help study and solve problems like homelessness, mental illness, or domestic violence.

Other goals for The Media Arts Technology Program:

        Develop a highly innovative and valuable learning environment on Maui, unique in the world for what it offers and how it is implemented.

        Pioneer a curriculum unique in its blend of research and development in new media technology, the arts, the humanities, and the sciences.

        Help establish a grassroots research and development learning environment on Maui by encouraging original and creative concepts for products, projects, styles, and startup enterprises.

        Enable students in the competition of careers by providing a strong orientation in the arts, sciences and the humanities.

        Ensure that course content remains valuable, creative, innovative, and culturally enriching to the school and the broader community.

        Create a learning environment for students promoting research and development, self-expression and self-development.

        Investigate alliance with faculty and students of pre-K through graduate school initiatives in to support student projects and skills that can be carried over to the community college level.

        Nurture and support the continuing education and creative project development of all school staff.

        Support projects that contribute to valuable innovations and that develop cross-subject collaboration (such as renewable energy sources, environmental studies, new media, modeling and simulation, special needs accommodation, agriculture, learning environments, and telecommunication.)

        Maintain a strong relationship with community groups, businesses, and individuals concerned with education and in improving educational opportunities for our community. The goal of the program is to also contribute to community and economic development by encouraging home-grown, grass-roots innovation, as well as providing qualified graduating candidates to digital technology corporations wishing to establish operations in Hawaii.