Truth for the Fool

How easy some are fooled.
I long for someone to play the game of perfection.
See, my nature is to hide the truth for the fool .

Time is my dance supreme. In it I give from myself, good and bad.
Realize life so sweet is my song to you.

If you call I will come. But I long for someone to meet, who wants the love of all, the mother of all, to be life in all.

How easy some are fooled by outer show. They do not know the inside.
How can I give love supreme when there is a fool in your heart.

Music - Hans Westman | Lyrics - Claes Appelkvist | Vocals - Valorie Frederick
Guitars - Hans Westman | Bass - Lief Frederick | Drums - Kim Prout
Recorded at Sound Bank, Pomona | Converted to Digital by Dave Joyce

© Copyright 1997 Hans Westman
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