Students are trained to use digital tools, for example, to create 3D models, or to program natural behaviors applicable to scientific research and development, entertainment and the arts. Other disciplines explored are 2D digital imagery, digital sound-editing, manuscript development, storyboarding, programming for dynamics, interactive simulations and digital presentations. Students will also learn how to transfer their work to film, video, CD—ROM, DVD, the Web and virtual reality formats.

The program will also give students the opportunity to learn how to create businesses through classes in entrepreneurship, and internships will expose them to working with professionals in their field of interest. The skills and competencies offered are directly related to professional disciplines in the real working world. At the conclusion of the MATP, students will have the chance to further enhance their skills through specialized classes following the two-year program.

Students graduate with specific skills in the following areas, grouped by category.

1)      Pre-production, Creative Development and Traditional Arts Formats

Creative Writing and story development
Storyboarding and Layout for film and interactive media
Fundamental Visual Art Forms
Fundamentals in Music and Performance

2)      Production and New Media Formats

3D modeling
Key-frame animation
Texture mapping
Digital Lighting
Scripting for dynamic behaviors and simulations
Image processing
Electronic Foley(Sound-effects) and/or music creation
Film making

3)      Post-Production and Output Media Formats

Linear and Non-linear Video Editing
Web Work
Virtual Reality

4)      Programming

C++, Java, JavaScript, current graphics libraries (like Open GL), scripting languages relating to specific programs
Artificial Intelligence
Physical Simulation
Simulations of random events

5)      Research Methods in Application Areas in the Natural and Social Sciences       

Research through 3D modeling and scientific data visual interpretations (in areas such as physics, biology, oceanography, geology and volcanism, sustainable technologies, psychology, sociology)

6)      Internship/Entrepreneurship

Film/Video/Multimedia production
Product Design
Copyright, Patent, and Trade name creation
Business Design and Management
Web-based Entrepreneurship