The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Common Courses: 
  Color Theory & Applications
  Fundamentals of Design
  Visual Indication / Rendering
  Digital Imaging
Core Courses: 
  Character & Object Animation
  Life Drawing & Gesture
  History & Principles of Animation
  Drawing & Anatomy
  2D Animation
  Storyboard Rendering for Animation
  Computer Modeling and Animation I
  Advanced Life Drawing & Gesture
  Intermediate 2D Animation
  Digital Editing - Video, Audio
  Computer Modeling & Animation II
  Camera & Lighting Techniques
  Advanced 2D Animation
  Introduction to Digital Compositing
  Computer Modeling & Animation III
  Concept Development
  Digital Ink & Paint
  Computer 3D Workshop
  Digital Compositing
  Advanced Digital Ink & Paint
  Acting / Movement
  3D Character Animation
  Broadcast Graphics
  Management in Media
  Pre-Production Team
  Advanced Software
  Production Team
  Introduction to Games
  Advanced Software II
  Advanced Software III
  Portfolio Presentation
  Multimedia Law
  Advanced Modeling / Animation